Guided Tours in the Garden
For groups of ten or more

A guided tour of the garden is offered to all groups of ten or more in number and must be booked in advance.. This tour includes information on the history of the house and garden as well as the Anglo-Norman homestead, Viking settlement and Monastic site all of which were situated on the grounds of Kilmokea. Detailed information and anecdotes of plant origination and cultivation are given throughout the tour as well as general information about the garden. It can be light hearted as well as serious but altogether thoroughly enjoyable. A must for the interested amateur and the serious horticulturist!

The Conservatory Tearooms are open from WEDNESDAY TO SUNDAY 10am to 5pm from 1st April to 2nd November. A selection of home baked cakes, scones and tarts are served all day. Kilmokea serves delicious freshly brewed  coffee and any herbal tea you fancy from early in the day until late in the afternoon. Light lunches are served from 12 noon to 3pm. The following organic delights have become a favorite of many regular garden visitors: Home made soups of Mushroom & parsley, Courgette & brie, Carrot & mint or Mediterranean roast tomato served with Kilmokea yummy home baked  brown bread filled with cranberries, herbs, sundried tomatoes or cheese. A selection of summer salads with honey and mustard dressings accompanies home made lasagnes and toasted paninis filled with seasonal fare. Red, rose and white wine is served by the glass and by the bottle!