The Fiery Redhead
something out of an Agatha Christie novel

Imagine wandering through a glorious garden all on your own. Just you and the flowers and the trees and the birds guiding you from above. Is this heaven for fairies?

Kilmokea Country Manor is a gorgeous Irish manor home in the southeast of Ireland in County Wexford. It feels like something out of an Agatha Christie novel but set in the lush countryside of Ireland. The foyer is warm with stacks of books to peruse or even steal away with to a spot in front of the fireplace. If there weren’t so many things to see outside! And further afield!

We arrived at Kilmokea just before dusk so I was anxious to get outside and explore the property before the sun disappeared. While the husband required a nap after our long drive east, I set out alone into the cool and quiet evening. I could not be more excited!

The next morning we were greeted with abundant sunshine and blue skies for our first full day in County Wexford. How lucky are we? Breakfast is served in the formal dining room with bowls of freshly-picked berries, homemade jams and breads and the beckon of porridge and brand-new eggs from the chickens heard in the early morning hours. Delicious mushrooms grown and seasoned with herbs from the garden made these vegetarians quite happy!