Indoor heated pool at Kilmokea
beautiful Swimming pool

We have the most beautiful Swimming pool at Kilmokea.
Open 1st April to 1st November

We know how lovely it is for our guests to use our private indoor heated pool, on a complimentary basis during your stay. To enable you to do this we are offering you access to the pool on a timed allocation . Each family group will have the opportunity to reserve an slot for exclusive use. We are not allowed to have social distancing guests in the pool area at the same time, due to government restrictions. This way you, our guests have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful facility complimentarily. All contact points, door handles, the pool bannister rail, and floors will be sanitised between bookings. It seems extreme  but these are the regulations! A lot of work for us, but safety is at the forefront of looking after all our guests at Kilmokea.