Guided tour of the Kilmokea Food Garden followed by a delicious Organic lunch in the Conservatory

In the beautiful Vegetable Garden at Kilmokea Country Manor, experience our demonstration of how to grow your own food.

Reduce your environmental footprint, learn how you can get excellent organic food for a fraction of the cost which will not only taste better but will also provide you with more nutrition.

You will have time to visit our seven acre Gardens before sitting down in the Georgian Conservatory  to a beautiful two course Organic Lunch prepared with produce straight from the garden.

We gift you with a Surprise momento to enjoy on your way home.


This Organic Lunch experience is for groups of 6 to 12 guests and may only be reserved for groups. €47.00 per person

This is a Seasonal event available from Easter to Halloween Wednesday to Sunday 11am to 1pm or 12 noon to 2pm

Please contact Emma to reserve your group on 0866641946 or email