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School Tours

Kilmokea Gardens provides fantastic opportunities for educational visits

Unique School Tours

Emma & Mark Hewlett of Kilmokea Gardens,  & Dawn Morley of Craft Central have teamed up to offer something a bit different for School Tours & Group outings. They hosted a ‘Taster Day’ at Kilmokea Gardens on 3rd December for teachers to experience their unique product. Teachers expressed how ‘wonderfully surprised and enthused they were to experience such a creative offering for their pupils’.

This idea has stemmed out of an in depth study into what teachers and parents are really looking for when planning their tours from school for a day.

The results which came back to us showed that schools are looking for the perfect educational resource for many aspects included in the junior infants to 6th Class curriculum. They are looking for a day for their pupils to discover and create, to experience and have fun. We are delighted to cater to their schools specific needs and they can mix and match the activities to their special requirements.

Please find below information about our collaborative idea for School Tours 2021.

Kilmokea Gardens offering ‘Forest School’. This child-led, positive outdoor experience is a growing phenomenon in Ireland, and Kilmokea offers the perfect surroundings of woods, space, water, and huge array of plants for a wonderful and memorable experience. This inspiring approach to outdoor fun stuff involves fun, discovery, team work, games, and learning new skills in the great outdoors. Build dens, learn how to light fires, try bush craft, and do arts and crafts using nature’s resources.

Craft Central offering creative fun using specialist paint pens, children will leave with a fabulous piece of work they will treasure as a souvenir of their wonderful day out.


Thank you so much. Do call Emma on 051388109 or email  for any further information.