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Kilmokea Country Manor Campile Wexford

Welcome to our home, Kilmokea Hotel Wexford. We open our house to guests because we like looking after people. We do it with with care and consideration offering guests a life of simple pleasures. Good home grown food. Comfortable rooms. Gardens with a very special feel to them. Aromatherapy treatments for total relaxation and the pleasures of our indoor heated pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna & Gym together with our tennis court, Croquet lawn & sun terrace. We are an energetic family of five who enjoy tennis, running and having fun. Our three boys are mad about athletics and all now run faster than us, winning all Ireland medals for middle distance and throwing the Javelin. We love animals and our retired Mare Jackie, Rabbits Mandy & Lily, Dogs Penny & Poppy and flock of Pekin hens are all important members of the family

When we first visited this amazing place nearly twenty years ago we were so excited as we entered the wall gardens through the Peter Rabbit tool shed. A secret garden unfolded as we were lead around the relaxed formality of this garden and then taken across a small country road to view the woodland garden packed with Rhododendrons, Camellias, Azalias & Candelabra Primulas. A mini Heligan sprung to mind. Giant Rhubarb, Tree Ferns & Bamboo grow happily here around the central feature, a small lake fed by springs which cascade in a series of waterfalls through the woodland past Lysichiton americanus (American skunk cabbage) to the Metasequoia glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood) before it flows into the River Barrow at the bottom of the garden.

Needless to say we fell in love with Kilmokea  and moved in in 1997. We embarked on the restoration of the house and opened for guests in April 1998. Throughout this time we restored the gardens and began the planting of our  Fruit & Vegetable garden in the corner of a field. It was boggy & weedy but we were determined to tame it into the beautiful restorative place it is today. We planted thousands of Boxus in the design of an old garden potager, creating rooms for the vegetables to grow. Our fruit and Vegetables feed our guests with delicious pleasures rarely received so freshly and wholesomely anywhere in Ireland.

In 2000 we restored our stone buildings into our Coach House & Garden Suite self Catering houses which accommodate up to twelve guests wishing to stay at Kilmokea Hotel Wexford for a week or more, looking after themselves yet still enjoying all the facilities which we offer.

Our most recent additions to Kilmokea Wexford include the creation of a Fairy Village in the woodland garden, wooden sculptures of Dragons & Owls, A story book in the trees, A Pirate ship & a Lazy O Ranch. All these features are created from the wood of the nine trees which fell in 2014 due to the Hurricane.

We welcome you to Kilmokea House Hotel Wexford and look forward to meeting you.